KOALAA - The hot water bottle to tie around the neck


Could have used this as a teenager - a dream when it comes to menstrual cramps!!!

Miriam K., Nurse

Was very well received as a gift. Has really good hold; the hot water bottle is fits snugly to the wearer's body and the thinner material inside provides good heat output. I'm thrilled, but also disappointed that such a thing hasn't been on the market until now!

Sebastian F., Media Design

Essential during studying, a normal hot-water bottle didn't do the trick at all! Finally no more slipping from my back as soon as I lean forward.

Isa R., Student

Stole my wife's belt and tried it out for my back pain. It supports in the back and has become a constant companion while working in the cold garage. Ended up having to get her a new belt ;)

Arthur P., Office Administrator

Perfect for wheelchair users who get cold quickly and for those with weak bladders.

Silke H., Public Service

A blessing for my father who has a severe case of scoliosis. He wears the belt constantly; during warm days even without filling with water - the stability around the pelvis is better than with his orthopedic belts due to the stretch.

Timon M., Physiotherapist

Tight fit due to special concept


Size chart

Available in 3 sizes/lengths.

The size selection of the variations S, M and L is based on standard clothing sizes.